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Summer 2017

Kudos to the Following Employees

Recognition Awards

VCU has long been committed to meeting the highest standards of service and professional integrity in all business operations. The following employees have been recognized by their colleagues through the Human Resources Recognition Award page for their contribution to a culture of ethics and compliance at VCU.

De’Audrea Rich, 04/27/17 – Nominated by Florence M. Johnson

De’Audrea, or “Sha,” is a model of initiative. Actually, she embodies all four recognition aspects: initiative, integrity, respect and responsiveness. This is even more impressive as she works part-time and could easily handle her job without the very real dedication she offers every single day. Sha is also a student here at VCU, and I greatly admire that she handles her classes and the responsibilities she undertakes in the workplace, seamlessly. I’ve never heard her complain or back away from an assignment, no matter how busy she may already be. Her manner is consistently pleasant, her customer service skills exemplary, and her work is always top-notch. She really does reflect the name of our division perfectly: Inclusive Excellence. Sha, you are greatly appreciated.

Marchelle Key, 10/21/16 – Nominated by Miranda Pyne

Marchelle knew that I was in the middle of transitioning to a new position and that it was an adjustment for me. I had some challenges in my former position. Marchelle has always been there as a colleague for me. Her level of respect for me, my job and the issues I encountered did not go unnoticed. I thank her for always showing in a professional manner and respecting my choices as a colleague and friend. VCU is lucky to have her. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Towanda Vaughan, 4/26/2016 – Integrity – Nominated by Kristin Austin
Towanda has helped me with the budget planning for data needs in the Office. She has helped me post positions and hire several analysts in the Office. She has always answered my questions promptly and with a smile. Initially, I was not aware of VCU’s policies for interviewing and hiring employees and asked a lot of questions. Towanda has taught me so much about these policies. She has demonstrated strong integrity and acts as the “glue” for the office. I could not have contributed to the goals we accomplished in the strategic plan if it had not been for her guidance. Thank you for all you do.

Risham Qureshi, 3/22/2016 – Respect – Nominated by Jessica Carey
We have had recruits coming for campus visits, not all of whom were the easiest to please, but Risham handled each and every one of the candidates with the utmost respect, courtesy, and responsiveness. Her professional demeanor and attention to detail led to a very successful event yesterday and many happy and very satisfied candidates. Her overall attitude and exemplary customer-oriented focus are great examples of VCU’s Customer Compass.

Steve Davidson, 1/6/2016 – Respect – Nominated by Andrea Groat
Steve’s job is to solve problems. Whenever I ask a question or report a problem he is prompt, courteous and makes you feel like your issue is the most important thing in the world and there is nothing he’d rather do than help you. After I get off the phone with Steve, I feel like I’m his favorite customer….I bet a lot of other folks feel the same way when working with Steve. (Though we can’t all be his favorite…so I’m going to stick with the story that I’m his favorite!!) Thank you Steve for solving our building problems and explaining the fixes in terms we can understand!

Marisa Taylor, 10/29/2015 – Respect – Nominated by Terisa Smith
Thank you Marisa for always being so supportive and encouraging, you make me a better person. Thank you for all that you do to make the entire SON a better place to live, work, and learn.

Barry Lanneau, 10/6/2015 – Respect – Nominated by Sandra Mazzoli
Barry is assisting me with ImageNow and WebNow software as the primary tool for Departmental review of admissions documents. He is patient, friendly, and above all, respectful of the School of Education faculty and staff as we learn this software and all it can do. Barry is, in a word, awesome!