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Summer 2017

Policy Program Update

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The Integrity and Compliance Office can help you with your policy questions, assist you with policy development, and add your policy to the Policy Library.

Questions and comments can be sent by email to or by calling 828-3982.

The Policy Program is pleased to bring you Policy Points. This publication is a quarterly notification bringing awareness to all universitywide policy updates. All universitywide policies are located in the policy library, providing appropriate centralization and data normalization.

Click on the policy titles below to access the document in full. Questions? Comments? Please do not hesitate to email or call 828-3982 to reach Senior University Compliance and Policy Specialist, Tony Rapchick.

Please visit to access current versions of all universitywide policies.

This edition of Policy Points reflects recent updates from
April 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017.

New Policies:
There were no new policies approved during this quarter.






Substantive Revisions:
Annual Assessment of Faculty Performance – In order to provide a continuous performance record for every faculty member and inform decisions pertaining to assessment and improvement of faculty performance, an annual evaluation of all faculty members is conducted on a universitywide basis. This policy establishes the criteria, implementation, and procedures by which to carry out the annual assessment of faculty performance.

This policy was revised to clarify the evaluation process and to provide a process by which faculty members can appeal their evaluations.

Computer and Network Resources Use – In order to facilitate a respectful, safe and secure computing environment within the university, this policy establishes and communicates the expectations for individuals using university computer and network resources, delineates a minimum set of requirements, and provides reporting and handling procedures for all suspected violations.

This policy was revised to better align with modern industry standards and regulations and to provide clear directions on the reporting and handling of misuse of computer and network resources.

Minor Revisions:
Award Acceptance and Establishment
Classified Employee Separation and Discipline
Leave and Time Reporting
Reimbursable Business Expenses
Salary Supplements
University Business-Related Travel