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Fall 2014

We all assess risk – but what do we do with it?

Risk Word CloudRisk assessment is key to the success of implementing a compliance and ethics program within an organization. That doesn’t mean that all the other elements of an effective compliance and ethics program, defined by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSG), are not equally important. However, none of the other elements will be as successful if an organization does not implement a thorough risk assessment process.

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Your Integrity and Compliance Education modules are due

ACodes members of the VCU community, we are committed to the highest ethical standards and employing integrity in all of our business decisions.

Accordingly, all employees are required to complete the Integrity and Compliance Education modules, which support this commitment and help to ensure that everyone is aware of key policies and available resources needed to meet the university’s expectations. Join Dr. Rao and his administration in this endeavor by completing your modules as soon as possible, and doing your part to reach 100% completion for your area.

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Introducing Policy Points!

Policy Points is a new semiannual publication that brings awareness to new and updated universitywide policies. As a way to communicate policy news in a timely manner, Policy Points will be published in July and January each year with the Policy Update section of The Compass providing policy updates in April and October. Look for the January 2015 issue of Policy Points in your email inbox!

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Workplace Adventures of Ethical Eva

Ethical Eva

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Ethical Ezra has a potential conflict


Ethical Ezra

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2014 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report – Now Available

VCU’s Annual SecuritASR Covery and Fire Safety Report for 2014 was published on September 29, 2014 as required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act).

The report includes VCU’s policies related to emergency notifications; timely warning; missing students; and safety and security. The report for 2014 can be obtained by contacting VCU Police or by accessing it at

Additionally, the passage of the reaffirmation of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (Campus SaVE) modified the Clery Act to require inclusion of significant additions to policies and procedures in place to address incidents of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.

At VCU, safety and security is everyone’s responsibility. If you see something concerning or suspicious, please contact the VCU Police at 828-1234 for emergencies, or at 828-1196 for non-emergencies.  Additional contact information can be found at:

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Compass Reading Corner

booksFor contribution to, and continuation of, a supportive and ethical culture.

The following list is not an endorsement of any author, book, idea, or official university statement but merely suggested books identified as potential interesting reads for anyone focusing on the power of people in the workplace.

Already read these? Have a comment or success story related to one of these books to share? Share it with us at

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Policy Program Update


  • Have you been asked to create or revise a policy?
  • Are you familiar with the university’s Policy Program?
  • Have you visited the Policy Library?
  • Would you like answers for any and all of your policy questions?

The Integrity and Compliance Office can help you with your policy questions, assist you with policy development, and add your policy to the Policy Library. Audrey Michael, Senior Compliance and Policy Analyst, can be reached at or 828-3982.

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Kudos to the Following Employees

VCU Compass

Recognition Awards

VCU has long been committed to meeting the highest standards of service and professional integrity in all business operations. The following employees have been recognized by their colleagues through the Human Resources Recognition Award page for their contribution to a culture of ethics and compliance at VCU.

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