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Fall 2015

Is all this compliance education and training really necessary?

module1The VCU commmodule2module3unity is committed to the highest ethical standards and employing integrity in all business decisions. To support this commitment, everyone is required to complete the Integrity and Compliance Education annually. Completing this annual education helps ensure that everyone is aware of key policies and available resources needed to meet the university’s expectations.

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Ethics Quick Quotes

Compass greyscaleRemember that each of us has a personal responsibility to incorporate, and to encourage others to incorporate, VCU’s values, ethical principles and commitments into our work and into our working environment.

– Michael Rao, Ph.D.  President, VCU and VCU Health

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Ethics Unwrapped Short Videos: Role Morality and The Self Serving Bias

These videos are produced by the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. The videos embedded in this issue specifically addresses:

  1. The different beliefs and approaches to ethical decisions arise when individual hold different roles in different situations – meaning, I may do “X” as an employee, but I would not do “X” when I am not in my employment role.
  2. The self-serving bias causes individuals to see and remember things differently. Our point of views are informed by our environments and our past-experiences.

These videos are offered as informational and reiterate the importance of organizations and individuals setting appropriate tone and in doing the right thing.

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Building an Effective Compliance Program at VCU

Eva and Ezra


Know someone who exhibits ethical conduct? Consider recognizing them and their contributions to a ethical workplace by using Human Resources Recognition Request Form

Additional Resources:

VCU Compliance Partners

VCU Compliance Accountability Matrix

Office of Research and Innovation Compliance

VCU Athletics Compliance Office

Equity and Access Services

VCU Code of Conduct

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Compass Reading Corner

booksFor contribution to, and continuation of, a supportive and ethical culture.

The following is not an endorsement of any author, book, idea, or official university statement but merely suggested content identified as potentially interesting for anyone focusing on the power of people in the workplace.

Already read this? Have a comment or success story related to this book or any past recommended books to share? Share it with us at

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Policy Program Update

Policy Program graphic

The Integrity and Compliance Office can help you with your policy questions, assist you with policy development, and add your policy to the Policy Library.

Questions and comments can be sent by email to or by calling 828-2336.

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Kudos to the Following Employees

VCU CompassRecognition Awards

VCU has long been committed to meeting the highest standards of service and professional integrity in all business operations. The following employees have been recognized by their colleagues through the Human Resources Recognition Award page for their contribution to a culture of ethics and compliance at VCU.

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