Browser support

As stated in the VCU Web Standards and Guidelines, university websites must work on modern browsers.

The Compass repo supports the following browsers:

  • defaults and last 2 versions
  • not Explorer <= 11
  • not ExplorerMobile 11
  • not OperaMini all

View a list of supported browsers

Recommendations for viewing a Compass site:

  1. If you have access to newer browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, please use those when trying to visit a Compass site; Compass has been tested within these browsers and are verified to work properly.
  2. If your organization has older websites/apps that require IE to run, but you have access to the newer versions of Edge, please use that browser instead; the newer Chromium-based versions of Edge, Microsoft's replacement to Internet Explorer, have an integrated "IE Mode", which allows older sites/web-applications targeting IE to run using the old web engine, while allowing newer sites to use the latest in web technologies.

Note: IE 11 is not supported by the Compass build system at this time, as the necessary CSS changes and JS polyfills are not included out of the box. This is due to the fact that IE 11 is insecure and deprecated by Microsoft.