Getting started for developers

While this site provides some awesome overviews of Compass' components, T4 integration and other resources, sometimes developers need additional information to help them get the most out of their next Compass project.

Static websites and web applications

It's important to know that while Compass' main focus is within the university's CMS, TerminalFour, Compass itself is an independent framework of static front-end assets (CSS, HTML, JS) that can be used for a variety of applications. This means if you need to generate a static website or develop a web application, and would like to use Compass as your framework, you can do so! The core repository for compass can be installed as an NPM dependency, which allows you to only pull in the components/files you need to get up and running. Alternatively, you can clone the entire repo for a simple, static website generator. More information on how to utilize the core repo in different ways can be found within its readme file.

Having trouble accessing SCM?

In order to view the Compass SCM project or core repository, you first need access to SCM. Please submit a Service Desk ticket to Information Security to request an account.

Request an SCM account

Development and production example sites

To get a feel for how Compass looks/feels as a static website, we provide two example sites to check out. The development example site gives you a look at what's coming next to Compass, as it's built from the core repository's dev branch, which is used as a staging ground for feature requests and QA fixes prior to release. The production example site gives you a look at what's currently available in Compass' latest release, and it's built from the core repository's prod branch.