Brand bar

The brand bar component injects the VCU brand bar into a site.


Example of the VCU Brand bar

Code reference

When to use

The VCU brand bar is a required component on all websites, with the following exceptions: 

The brand bar includes the VCU seal and typography, along with a link to No additional information is allowed in the brand bar lockup.

On a desktop, the brand bar is loaded at the top of the page and must not be obstructed from view or have any elements on top of it. 

The bar is available in four colors:

  • Light gray
  • Dark gray
  • Gold
  • White (on mobile devices only, below the footer)

On mobile, the brand bar will always have a white background.

How to use

  • Access and navigate to the “Site-Footer” page. 
  • Use the T4 component “Plugin - VCU Branding Bar.” 
  • Enter content into the name field.
  • Select a color/style to display on your site.


  • You are required to use the VCU brand bar component as provided. Please do not alter any of the code or images.
  • Once you add this component to your site, if the brand bar changes for any reason, your website will automatically be updated. 


The brand bar component requires:

  • A name 
  • A color/style selection

Accessibility considerations

The VCU brand bar has been designed and coded to meet accessibility standards.