Using the brand bar

Using the brand bar helps deliver a consistent user experience across VCU's web properties by adding a centrally-supported and easy-to-use digital brand mark.

Select the brand bar you need

Choose the option your site requires:


  • Websites must load an approved VCU branding bar at the top of every page and must not be obstructed from view by visual elements.

  • VCU Health Branding
    Websites may not use the VCU Health logo or branding bar.

  • Menu & Search Icons
    The exception to visual elements on top of the branding bar include approved menu and search icons as detailed in the VCU Brand Standards guide

For non-T4 sites or applications

We've created a script that can be copied and pasted into your web page code. By using this script, any future brand bar edits will automatically be updated on your website.

How to use the brand bar script

  • All VCU brand bars must be loaded by using the javascript that we provide.
  • The script generator allows you to choose from an approved set of brand bar options.
  • Copy the script and paste it into your custom site or application code.

Generate a brand bar script

You are required to use the code provided as it is written. Please do not alter any of the code or assets.

1. Choose the color of the header and footer elements

2. Choose to set the meta referrer value

3. Copy the following block of HTML

4. Final steps

Find and remove the old branding script (if applicable) and paste the block of html from step 3 on a new line above the closing </head> tag.